Nine Business Group


Nine Business Group is a business services firm dedicated to the success of Medium Sized Business in Western Canada. Our team of professionals is focused on the objectives of the business owner and their team. We offer a series of products and services that are about EDUCATIONPLANNING, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Our objective is to move businesses through the various stages of growth with consistent increases in revenue and profitability. Our measuring stick is simple: Did we get results?

To strengthen our clients financially, we offer a series of products and services geared strictly towards Financial Clarity & Accountability. These services are all about stabilization of record keeping, reporting, and more importantly, ensuring a solid base upon which to build the company. Our team of Financial Experts has several services available that range from a “System Set up and Training,” to a Monthly Service Package, all the way to our Part-Time CFO program.

Back to our measuring-stick question: Do we get results? Measurably, demonstrably: YES. For some examples of results we’ve helped our clients achieve, please check out our testimonials page.

Once you’ve seen enough, and want to find out how we can help your company or answer any questions you may have, give us a call at 403-690-8363.

Certified ActionCOACHes

Kent Boehm – Managing Partner & Executive Business Coach

Samantha Domogala – Certified Business Coach