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82+ Countires

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230,000+ Clients

3,500+ Business Strategies

Turn your passion for helping others into an asset and successful BUSINESS!

Work for yourself, but not by yourself. When joining ActionCOACH you will join a community of real people getting real results.

ActionCOACH is the pioneer of the business coaching sector and still the world’s leading business coaching franchise with over 1,000 coaches across 82 countries.

With the use of our proven IP systems and business tools you will help businesses increase their profits, build stronger teams, and gain more time for the things they love.  You’ll be making a difference in the lives of others while creating real wealth for you and your family.

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Why joining ActionCOACH is an outstanding opportunity

By joining us as a Franchise Partner you will get access to: 

  • World-class training with ActionCOACH Global.
  • National and local support every step of the way 
  • 15K marketing bonus and a dedicated internal team to support your business launch!
  • Over 3,500 proven business strategies and tactics to help grow your clients’ businesses…and your own

Abundance runs through our veins. We offer coaching support to help you grow your business coaching firm. We have weekly calls, monthly webinars, books of the month, masterclasses, national and global events, and conferences that you can join.

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Why Joining ActionCOACH is an Outstanding Opportunity

You'll get access to our coaching programs.

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The World's Most Robust Coaching System

World Class Training

  • 17-Week Comprehensive Pre-Training and Post-Training
  • Personalized Weekly Support
  • 10-Day Certification Training
  • On-going Coaching Training

Proven Business Model

  • 30 years of proven business strategies
  • Over 3,500 scripts, tools, and methods.
  • Expert guidance to apply tools.

100% Financing Available

  • Low risk and no income ceiling.

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  • Discover how ActionCOACH ownership can help you achieve your professional, financial, and personal goals.
  • Learn more about our 14 Points of Culture and how they guide everything we do.

Once we receive your information, we will open the door to explore ActionCOACH further and connect you with our team to guide you through the process. There is no cost and no obligation to find out more about this amazing business opportunity.

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Since ActionCOACH pioneered business coaching in the early 1990s, the term has become synonymous with performance and growth. It is as focused on the business, its team, its processes, and its sales and marketing as it is on the business owner.


Owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses find it difficult to keep pace with all the changes and innovations going on in today’s modern world while simultaneously improving sales, marketing, systems, planning, and team management.


As business coaches, we are true generalists. You’ll take your business experience, add it to our proprietary and copyrighted systems, and deliver coaching to business owners in your local area.

Franchises have better success rates over independent businesses. In fact, according to the US Department of Commerce, franchises are exponentially more likely to succeed than new startups.

If you’re going to invest in your own business, you’d better make sure it has every chance of success, right? Why would you want to go at it alone as an entrepreneur, take all the risks, and face an uncertain future?

All a franchise is at the end of the day is a proven business model.

Plus, as part of our team, you’ll become one of over 1,000 business coaches operating in 80 countries worldwide. And they’ll be there to help and encourage you every step along the way.

When you invest, you purchase the franchise rights to operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching Business.  This provides you with the full suite of turnkey systems that covers sales, marketing, coaching, and more. 


You’ll also get your own personal success coach who will push you to grow, a global support group, and a 1,000+ network of  franchise partners with whom to share ideas, successes, and experiences.   


In short, you’ll be getting a proven turn-key system that has been developed and tested over the past 30+years. 

After ensuring that you’d make a great fit to be an ActionCOACH firm owner or coach, we will walk you through an ROI potential calculator.


You will see expected ROI depending on the products you want to offer, how many clients you want to coach, and how big you want your team to be.


You’ll also validate earning potential directly with our franchise partners during the Validation phase of due diligence and will find that our typical franchise partner earns well into the 6-figures. You will have the opportunity to review this in detail in our FDD (which nobody else in our industry discloses).


Some of our firm owners have $10 million + visions, while others coaches run a lifestyle business. At the end of the day, your results will depend on your goals, work ethic, drive, and willingness to follow the systems.

Unlike many other franchise training programs, you receive pre-training, an intensive 10-day training program, and post-training with your Master Licensees. This is only the beginning. You’ll then step into a continual learning and local support program, and you‘ll be provided with all the tools, knowledge, and resources to have a dramatic impact on your business from day one.


By the time you start coaching your clients, you’ll be a master of the most powerful business and coaching secrets available. And, you’ll know the keys to multiplying business profits and generating wealth. You’ll be fully equipped to achieve sensational results with your clients.  

When owning an ActionCOACH Business Coaching franchise, you’ll have all the latest lead generation and sales techniques available. You’ll use the full suite of powerful, tried-and-tested marketing tools available to develop your business. 


We also have a BDM that is actively generating leads and distributing them based on the territory.

Yes. It is an asset you are purchasing.