Small Business Week – How to Get Involved

Small Business Week 2023 is around the corner – Oct 15-21, and it’s a time to celebrate the heart and soul of our communities – the local entrepreneurs. Small businesses play a pivotal role in fostering community development and boosting local economies. This year, under the enlightening theme of “Empowering Entrepreneurs,” we explore the myriad of ways to celebrate and support small businesses. ActionCOACH is at the forefront, shining a spotlight on local businesses across the nation with #ACsbw, offering BOGO workshops, and hosting events that exemplify the benefits of business coaching.

What is Small Business Week?

Small Business Week was launched by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) as a dedicated time to recognize the significant contributions of local entrepreneurs and small business owners. The week aims to celebrate their resilience, innovation, and the pivotal role they play in our communities. In the ever-evolving landscape of 2023, small businesses are the cornerstone of economic development, creating jobs, and fostering a sense of unity among Canadians.

How to Celebrate Small Business Week

For Businesses

  1. Special Promotions & Discounts

    • Small businesses can create attractive offers and collaborate with other local businesses for package deals, providing a blend of products, and services.
  2. Hosting Events

    • Hosting workshops and events are excellent avenues for business exposure. ActionCOACH is aiding this by offering BOGO workshops, emphasizing the importance of mentorship and coaching in business development. Get in touch to find out more about our BOGO Promotions.
  3. Social Media Engagement

    • Utilizing platforms to increase visibility is crucial. Small businesses can harness the power of #ACsbw to feature alongside ActionCOACH’s nationwide highlights, gaining traction and showcasing their unique offerings.
  4. Community Involvement

    • Engaging in community events and supporting local causes not only builds brand image but also fosters relationships, creating a supportive network essential for entrepreneurship.

For the Community

  1. Shop Local

    • Communities can celebrate by consciously supporting local, exploring new establishments, and making use of the diverse offerings brought about by small business startup initiatives.
  2. Social Media Support

    • Sharing posts under #ACsbw and leaving positive reviews can significantly boost the online presence of local businesses, a small act with a substantial impact.
  3. Attend Events

    • Participating in ActionCOACH’s workshops and local business events provides insight into the business world, the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, and the strategies employed for success.
  4. Gift Cards & Subscriptions

    • Purchasing gift cards and subscribing to newsletters are simple ways to provide consistent support to local businesses, aiding their growth and sustainability.

The Role of Small Businesses in 2023

In light of recent economic trends, small businesses have exhibited remarkable adaptability, with many seeking business coaching services and exploring small business startup loans to fuel their ventures. ActionCOACH has been a pivotal business advisor, offering a startup business plan template, and guiding many through their entrepreneurial journey. Their emphasis on leadership, strategy, and the various facets of business operation has enabled several small businesses to thrive amidst challenges.

Take action

Let’s keep the momentum alive! Share your Small Business Week experiences, continue to support local entrepreneurs, and engage in the numerous resources available for both budding and established businesses. Whether you are exploring funding options, seeking a business coach, or delving into the world of entrepreneurship, let’s build a stronger, more unified business community together.

Remember, the journey of entrepreneurship is an ongoing process, and the learnings from Small Business Week are stepping stones to greater success. Your engagement can shape the future of local businesses and contribute to a thriving Canadian economy. Share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for Small Business Week 2024 and let’s continue to celebrate and uplift our local gems!

Small Business Week is not just a celebration; it’s a movement towards a more collaborative and prosperous future, where every ActionCOACH, every business owner, and every Canadian plays a vital role.