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Meet your ActionCOACH

Patrice Croteau

“Behind every top performer is a great coach. You deserve one too.

Greater Montreal, QC

patrice croteau

Supercharge your business growth with Patrice Croteau, a certified business coach at ActionCOACH Performance in greater Montreal. With expertise in operations, human resources, and a solid track record in the competitive world of Quebec’s radio and television industry, Patrice is the inspiring catalyst you need to achieve unprecedented success.

Equipped with a certificate in human resources management from UQTR and a commitment to continuous learning, Patrice stays at the forefront of industry trends. His strategic vision and exceptional leadership skills have consistently delivered outstanding results in complex landscapes.

What sets Patrice apart is his unique fusion of business acumen and passion for adventure. As a certified travel consultant, he brings a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to drive your business forward. Choose Patrice Croteau as your business coach and unlock your true potential through strategic planning, operational optimization, and leadership development. Embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success by contacting Patrice today.

Patrice Croteau posing for headshot in a blue and grey striped suit jacket.

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