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Kent Boehm

“Increase the impact you are having with the tools, strategies, and confidence you need to live your ideal life.

Calgary, AB

Kent Boehm

Do it right the first time! I wish that was the motto for all entrepreneurs; my experience, 20+ years of working with business owners, tells me that is not the case. Having coached in over 50 different industries with over 200 businesses, I can reassure you that “giving it a try” or ‘going it alone” is not the path to your success; that path only leads to frustration, broken promises and heartache. I have interviewed and spoken to over 2000 business owners in 15 years as a business coach. I have witnessed it all firsthand. As a driven entrepreneur myself, I understand that running and growing a business requires razor-sharp focus, strong decision making and a great team. I know it isn’t always easy. No professional athlete excels without coaching; growing a profitable business is the same.
Kent Boehm


  • Global Action Man 2012
  • Presidents Club 2012
  • North American Action Man 2013
  • Chairman’s Club 2017
  • Partner Coach of the Year 2020
  • Partner Coach of the Year 2021
  • Partner Coach of the Year 2022
  • First and Only Million Dollar Coach in Canada

How Can Business Coaching Help You?

These are the most common challenges that we tackle head-on with business owners.

The Time Crunch

More free time is more than just “time management” it is about your team and your systems, getting the right system and your team more involved in the right ways.

Increase Profit

Profit is no longer an afterthought; gone are the days when profit is the last line in your profit and loss statements. Leave your cash flows concerns behind with our proven process that puts your profit first.

Business Growth

There is more than one way up the mountain. Your business growth is no different; we will work with you to determine which new business growth strategy is best for you, franchising, licensing, corporate expansion, or a simple new marketing campaign focused on differentiation, key messaging and better sales conversations.

Team Engagement & Company Culture

Great culture and employee engagement start with a scoreboard and performance metrics.

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