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Jamal Bahormoz

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Ottawa, ON

Jamal Bahormoz

Experience the empowering guidance of Jamal Bahormoz, an accomplished ActionCOACH Business Coach who is passionate about revolutionizing your business. With a PhD in Digital Transformation and Innovation, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, and over two decades of experience in small business consulting, Jamal is the strategic partner you need to achieve exceptional results.

Drawing from 10 years in engineering in the Oil & Gas industry, Jamal possesses a wealth of knowledge in operational efficiency and effective leadership. He has also played a significant role in fostering entrepreneurship among younger generations in developing countries. Moreover, his entrepreneurial business models for the older population promote social activity, productivity, and health in later years.

Engage Jamal Bahormoz as your business coach and unlock the true potential of your company. With his captivating presence and inspiring approach, he will ignite the flames of possibility within your business, driving you toward triumph. Embrace the power of transformation today and experience unparalleled success with Jamal by your side.

ActionCOACH Jamal Bohormoz in office

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