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Jamal Bahormoz

“Behind every top performer is a great coach. You deserve one too.

Jamal Bahormoz

Ottawa, ON

The CEO, and firm owner of Innovate ActionCOACH, and your close partner for all your business needs for success and sustainable growth.

Jamal has over 35 years of well-diversified international experience in business, industry, and academia. He spent 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry, holding many lead positions in Maintenance Planning, and Project Management. He worked as a Business Consultant and Small Business Owner for over 25 years in many countries including Canada, China, and the Middle East. He has a unique approach to any business model that focuses on deep and systematic analysis of the subject business model, its industry, ecosystem, and its team/employees, and management to present the optimum sustainable solutions, that optimize the current team and utilize innovative technologies. Mr. Bahormoz has recently developed an innovative Employment Business model for the older population who wish to stay socially active and productive in later life.


Jamal is a certified ActionCOACH Senior Partner, a PhD Candidate, an MBA graduate, and a professional electrical engineer. He has a well-diversified international experience in over six countries, and three continents.

With his academic background and long hands-on experience in business, his Business Coaching approach focuses on

  1. Thorough analysis of the subject business, its industry, and the whole ecosystem.
  2. Deep analysis of the issues and pains.
  3. Delivery of the optimum sustainable solutions, supervising their implementation, and achieving the required results.

Jamal is committed to your success in your business and life. He will teach you the required skills and strategies to grow your business, manage your business and life, and stay on the TOP.

As a member of the # 1 Business Coaching in the world, we offer one of the BEST GUARANTEE packages in the world.

ActionCOACH Jamal Bahormoz

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