ActionEdge Story

We are proud and ever humbled by our standing as Canada’s top-performing ActionCOACH business coaching firm. We haven’t always had that title though. Holding an ActionCOACH license, certification, and territory since September 2006, we have relentlessly invited Calgary, Canmore, Kelowna, Penticton, and all of B.C. and Alberta’s business community to learn and access our tools, resources, and coaching that we know delivers life-changing impact to economies, communities, families, and individuals. Client by client, relationship by relationship, we earned trust slowly, but consistently through an unwavering dedication to focusing on client results above all else.

We moved into our current headquarters at 1835 20th Avenue NW, Calgary in the spring of 2017 and have since opened other locations in Canmore, Kelowna, and Penticton.

From the onset, we have remained fixed in our pledge to build a firm and a team that is 100% full-time focused on business coaching. Our clients are not going at their endeavours part-time or recreationally, and we owe them exactly equal or greater dedication to our craft. Our coaches all have various businesses or organizations or foundations that are now at the point of running without them, and all have chosen to help chip away at our vision and crusade to come to work everyday as a full-time professional business coach.

Our story goes on, as does our pursuit of world abundance through business re-education. Thank you to all who have trusted us along the way.

ActionEdge Coaching Team

Kevin Simpson – Managing Partner

Jarrod Stanton – Managing Partner

Stephanie O’Brien – Executive Business Coach

Kris Sigmeth – Executive Business Coach

Tracey Delfs – Mindset Performance Coach

Ange Quinn – Associate Coach

Patrick Meckelborg – Associate Coach

Our Dream

To positively impact communities and cities through the advancement in the local positive mindset culture and in the monetary results that drive the businesses on which our economy is built.

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