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Magan Jugurnauth

“I help businesses thrive and shine in a dynamic environment”

Mississauga, ON

Magan Jugurnauth

Hi, I’m Coach Magan.

As a business owner you have worked hard to grow your business to where it is today, then what? Is it the end of it or is there a new beginning or a “MyBusiness 2.0” mission? What is the BIG goal for your business and of course, for you? This is where I come in. I help business owners thrive and shine in a dynamic business environment, lay down a roadmap for sustainable growth which brings abundance for your business and your family, grow to point where you can rely on your team, systems and processes, travel the world, build an investment portfolio, divest and work less.

I will sit with you to understand your business model, listen carefully to your needs, challenge you to think BIG, where you want to be in the near, medium, a long-term, and breakdown your business into smaller pieces of a puzzle, build them one by one, and then draw the contours of “MyBusiness 2.0.” I will help you achieve the goals of this transformation, coach you every step of the way using proven methodologies and systems, hold you accountable for the results, and push you to perform at your best. At the end of the day the business will deliver more revenue, more profits and more personal and family time.

Book your no-cost no obligation discovery call today and hear me out. You lose nothing in the process.

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