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Dave Holland

“Behind every top performer is a great coach. You deserve one too.

Calgary, AB

Dave Holland

Hello! I’m Dave Holland. With a keen eye for talent and an unwavering passion for coaching, I’ve dedicated my role at ActionCOACH to match coaching aspirants with positions where they can truly shine. It’s more than just a job for me—it’s about helping individuals find their true calling and making sure they harness their unique strengths and passions.

Beyond the role of recruitment, I’m fortunate to engage with a diverse tapestry of business professionals, from the worlds of management to finance and marketing. While their paths may differ, their shared ambition is unmistakable: empowering small businesses in Canada to reach unparalleled heights of success. I eagerly look forward to every opportunity to collaborate, explore synergies, and together, pave the way for a brighter business landscape in Canada.

Dave Holland Headshot

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